Open water swimming adventure

If you are a swimmer and if you would love to find out what open water swimming is all about, our holidays offer what you are looking for.

Swimmers of all levels are welcome. You'll receive personal coaching, advice and training. We will be there to help you to achieve your goals with our knowledge and experience.


Your week will be filled with loads of swimming and you will meet fantastic people that have different swimming backgrounds, including very experienced Capetonian open water swimmers (a.k.a. the Cape Polar Bears). 

We offer trainingschedules and open water swimming workshops in The Netherlands if you wish to prepare yourself prior to your holiday.

Have a look at the calender

Your week looks like..

Day 1

Welcome to Cape Town!

The first day you'll meet your swimming companions. There will be a small presentation and briefing of the program.

Explore the beaches, rest and eat well to get repared for the upcoming week!

Open Water Swimming in Cape Town with Table Mountain in the background
day 2

We'll go for a hike to get to know the area.


Afterwards we head to a beautiful located outdoor swimming pool to practice essential open water swimming techniques.

Hiking Lion's Head during our swimming holiday in Cape Town
day 3

We'll introduce you to the South African open water swimming. We focus on getting through cold water, the waves, currents and we practice 'sighting'.


The maximum distance that we swim will be around 2 km and it's always possible to get out the water earlier.  

Open water swimming in Cape Town with Table Mountain
day 4

At the 4th day, we swim at the canals in Cape Town City (Waterfront). An amazing swim to discover the city from the water. The maximum distance you can swim is 3.2km. But you can get out the water at any time.


In the morning there's time to do your own thing.

Open water swimming in Cape Town, Waterfront canals
day 5

By boat we'll go to Robben Island and we swim back to main land (Big Bay) as a relay team. This is also known as the famous Robben Island crossing.


Don't worry about the speed or your level of swimming, this is a social and exciting activity! 

If you like to attend a solo Robben Island crossing, please let us know beforehand. 

Robben Island crossing by Big Bay Events
day 6

In the morning we head to the Langebaan lagoon. It's a beautiful place in the North of the Western Cape.


Your stay will be at one of the lagoon's house boats.


From there you'll plunge off the houseboat and go for a swim to get used to the new environment. 

Open water swimming in Langebaan, Cape Town
day 7

This is the day you can challenge yourself! There's no set distance to swim. The distance varies between 2 and 14 km. You are ready for this and you can do it! We'll coach you to get the most out or yourself. 


At the end of the day we will celebrate your personal victory with a South African braai.


Open water swimmig in Langebaan, Cape Town
day 8

The swim week with
Fox-openwaterswimming has come the an end. We'll leave Langebaan and 
bring you back to Cape Town.

There are still many things to explore in and around Cape Town.


Feel free to ask for any advise if you decide to stay longer! 

Open water swimming holiday, route to Langebaan

**Due to weather conditions this schedule can change!

Included in your trip

7 nights of accommodation during our swimming holiday in Cape Town


7 nights of accommodation located in Blouberg.

The accommodation has a shared kitchenette and lounge area. It has a swimming pool.

Bedrooms are private.

Daily breakfast during our swimming holiday in Cape Town


Nutrition is very important and everybody loves a good breakfast.

Thats why a breakfast is included every single day of the week.

All transfers are provided during our swimmig holiday in Cape Town


All transfers to and from different swimming areas (that are part of the organised trips) are included.


We will arrange a taxi ride to pick you up from Cape Town airport if needed.

Coaching is provided during our swimming holiday in Cape Town


We have different coaches available that can guide you through any aspect of open water swimming.

We can guide you through technique, performance, fear and even battling the cold!

2 dinners are provided during our swimming holiday in Cape Town


When staying on the houseboat, we celebrate the holiday on 2 evenings with a proper South African braai. 'Lekker'!


So, what does it cost?


  • 5 nights accommodation Blouberg (private)

  • 2 nights accommodation Langebaan

  • Breakfast every morning

  • 2 dinners at Langebaan (braai)

  • Transfers (excluding flight)

  • Personal and group coaching / theory / practical lessons

  • 1 Hike

  • 5 Guided open water swims around Cape Town

  • Guided and organised Robben Island crossing

  • Guided and organised Challenge Swim Langebaan

€1300 per person


  • 5 nights accommodation Blouberg (private)

  • 2 nights accommodation Langebaan

  • Breakfast every morning

  • 2 dinners at Langebaan (braai)

  • Transfers (excluding flight)

  • 1 Hike

  • Guided and organised Robben Island Crossing & Challenge Swim Langebaan as mascot (bring tender love and care to the swimmers)

€1100 per person


(8+ attendees)

  • 5 nights accommodation Blouberg (group)

  • 2 nights accommodation Langebaan

  • Breakfast every morning

  • 2 dinners at Langebaan (braai)

  • Transfers (excluding flight)

  • Group coaching / theory / practical lessons

  • At least 5 guided open water swims and a hike

  • Guided and organised Robben Island crossing

  • Guided and organised Challenge Swim Langebaan

€950 per person


Frequently asked questions

Is my level of swimming good enough to join the holiday?

First of all, this is a holiday! This holiday is not meant as a training camp. But ofcourse, you'll be doing things that you've probably never done in your life. You'll enjoy the holiday the most if you're able to swim a comfortable freestyle. It will be an advantage to have some open water swimming experience, but it's not a must have to join this holiday. It doesn't matter how fast you swim, really.

Is it possible to bring someone to the holiday who's not swimming?

Yes ofcourse! The more people, the better vibe! We call a non- swimmer, The Mascotte. He or she has an important role during the holiday. The swimmers are in need of some tender love and care during swimming and it's fantastic to help your buddy out. We offer The Mascotte a discount of €200,- on the total price.

I feel more comfortable in a wetsuit, can I bring one?

Ofcourse you can! For us it's important to know that you feel as much comfortable as possible. Some swimmers feel the extra challenge to cope with the cold water while swimming without a wetsuit. We're specialised in coping with cold water temperatures and with our experienced guides, knowledge and patience we can guide you through this process. But keep in mind that during our holiday there's absolutely no policy about this topic!

What is the maximum amount of swimmers during the holiday?

Ideally the maximum amount of swimmers during the holiday is 8, this is due to the capacity of the boats we're using. However, we cater for bigger groups up to 24 people.

Are there specific things excluded in the holiday that I should be aware of?

Costs that are not covered: * Travel to and from Cape Town (such as your flight). * Travel insurance * 5x evening meals and 5x lunches * Wetsuit hire if needed * Activities outside the schedule

...and what about sharks?

Ask a Capetonian swimmer what he or she thinks about this subject and there will always be a nervous giggle in the answer. Many swimmers suffer with open water anxieties. 'What did I just feel? What did my feet just touch?!', is a question that now and then pops up whilst swimming. Yes, there's a lot of sea life in the ocean. Seals, dolphins, whales, jellyfishes and... sharks. First and most important of all, we swim in areas with no reported shark attacks since 1900. The coasts of France and Portugal are more dangerous (but you never think about sharks when you swim over there). Besides this, statistically spoken, taking part in the South African traffic is way-way-way-way-way more dangerous than swimming in the ocean.
Second, we only swim in waters with lifeguards close by. During the Robben Island crossing the swimmer swims next to the boat and the boat is equiped with a virtual shield that repels sharks (Shark Shield). Most of the swimmers have those fears and are honest about it. But we all have to cope with these fears which will make you a lot stronger in the end.

What about a VISA for South Africa?

If you're visiting South Africa for tourism for a period of up to 90 days and you're traveling on a European passport, you don't need a VISA. You get an entry stamp on arrival at the airport.

Do I need to get vaccinations?

As far as we know, you might need a yellow fever certificate if you travelled through a high-risk country before entering South Africa. Please contact your general practitioner / doctor for advise regarding vaccination.

Do I need a specific insurance?

No, you just need your own travel insurance. If you decide to participate in the trip, we prompt you to fill in a general liability waiver.